Classes offered

Class 1 Horse Psychology

– how to be safe around horses on the ground

– learn how horses communicate

– prey animal versus predatory animal

– Understanding the herd instinct

– why horses react they way they do

– learn to read their body language


Class 2 Basic care and handling (hands on)

– grooming

– haltering

– bathing

– leading

– feeding and supplements

– worming and vaccinations

– living areas

– fly maintenance


Class 3 Round pen and ground school demonstrations

–  use of your body position in the round pen

–  establish the human as the leader

–  communicate on the ground preliminary to riding

–  how to move all of the horses body parts

– how to safely trailer a horse


Class 4 Now it is time to get on!

– how to saddle and bridle correctly

–  how important is a balance horse and a balance rider

–   bridleless riding demonstration

–   teaching the horse the emergency brake